Merc Zone

Even though that Merc Zone is a rather new game on the market of multiplayer shooting games, it has already a huge army of supporters and active players. I love the games where you can join the server instantly without waiting for active players to join and start the match. As I have already told you, it is a popular shooting game with several interesting game modes and great features that you will love. At the beginning of the game you can create a free account or play as guest. The best idea is to create account to store there all gaming progress - you will unlock different skins, change the look of your character and get some special perks. The game is available in several multiplayer modes, including Free For All and Teams mode. You can choose the prefered game mode at the beginning so the game will connect you to the server with the chosen game mode. The graphics of the game is very good and in my opinion it is much better that other shooting games which are available today. The selection of soldier classes and different maps is also great - you won't get bored playing the same map all the time. One more thing that I really love about this game is that the developers are constantly working on adding new maps, and fixing minor bugs.

What Are Game Controls Of Merc Zone?

[W][A][S][D] - move
[E]/[mouse scroll] - switch weapons
[Space] - jump
[F] - interact
[R] - reload
[G] - grenades
[C]/Shift - crouch
LMB - shoot
[RMB] or [X] - aim

How To Change Class?

As you know, Merc Zone multiplayer game offers several soldier classes which carry different weapons. You must know that weapon is not the only difference between those classes - the more heavy your weapon is - the more slow are your moves. So when choosing the soldier class you must think about your gaming strategy - if you love more attack style, you should take a light weapon which will give you ability to move faster. In order to change your soldier class you must wait until you die - then you will have to select what to do - respawn with existing class or chooce a different one. Choosing soldier class is also available at the beginning of the game when the game connects players to each other.

What Are Main Features Of The Game?

An Awesome Fast-paced FPS action.
5 different characters.
High frame rate performance.
New maps and new updates.

Why Merc Zone is laggy on my PC?

The game is constantly updated and just can't be laggy - if the game freeze there might be some problems on your side. Having the fact that the game is pretty big and requires much more CPU and VGA resources than any other online games, you must play it on a powerful PC to avoid lags. Another common problem is a slow internet connection - the game connects you to a server with real people all around the world, so if your connection is slow, you may have big ping (fps) and some lags.

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