Bonk io

Bonk io is one of my favorite multiplayer games which makes you addicted to it from the first moment you start playing it. Even though that the game is pretty simple, it is played by thousands of people every day and being updated constantly. So, the idea of the game is clear - you control a bouncing ball which can become heavy if you press the spacebar. Your mission is to complete different quests to make your opponents fall down from the board or just die. Each game has up to 5 players and the maps are changing all the time as well as the rules of the game- for example in some maps of Bonk io you just have to drop the opponents off the board, while some maps urge you to do some actions(reach the safe line first, activate the trigger or something like this).

The main thing that I love about this game is that there are more than 20 different maps in this game and they are served randomly so everyone can show his best skills to achieve success. The leaderboard of the game counts the number of wins for each player so the higher your number of wins is, the higher you will find your name on the leaderboard. Bonk is a unique game because users have ability to create and upload their own maps, that's why people never get bored playing this game. The gameplay is pretty smooth and based on the basics of physics - when you jump, you can become heavy to get some power for striking your opponent. The game has several game modes, but the most addictive is a Classic mode. Hope you will enjoy at our website.

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