Lordz Io 2

Lordz Io 2 is the second edition of the interesting and addictive strategy game which is now available at our portal. The game is a bit difficult for newbie players because there are a lot of different things that you must understand to achieve success. The basic rules of the game are : you start the game being alone and have to build your own army and destroy the opponents. You should also build some gold mines and protect them to earn goal because it is a very important value in this game. At the beginning of the game, you have limits for training soldiers, so you must build some houses to raise the limits. You should also protect those houses with the towers and walls.

The first version of the game is also very popular but has an absolutely different gameplay so many people don't like it. In Lordz io 2 you have to build specific building for training the soldiers. For example one building will unlock the cannons while others give you ability to train Trolls and Dragons. The tree of upgrades build in such way, that in the end all buildings must be placed and secured. Keep in mind that the enemies will strike your kingdom, so be ready for this. You can build the Archers Tower or Mage Tower to secure the territory. The power of soldiers also differs from each other - some of them are better for attack purpose while others are stronger as defensive warriors. Understading all those features makes the game a bit difficult but believe me, in the end you will fall in love this Lordz Io 2.

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Lordz Io 2

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