1v1 LoL

The modern shooting games can impress even an expert gamer because there are so many options and games modes available and the graphics is so good that you might think that you are playing a video game on your PlayStation. In fact, the evolution of io games is so fast that most people just can't understand the basic features of the game. One of the best shooting & building games today is the 1v1.LoL which is very popular and addictive. The game is unique in many different ways - it is not a traditional shooter, it is more like building simulator where you can use weapons to shot enemies. Just like other building games, here you can use platforms to build whatever you want - a defensive structure or a special building to attack your enemies.

1v1.LoL is available in several games modes including 1vs1 battle, 2vs2 battle, 4vs4 and of course battle royale. All those modes have the similar rules - you have to destroy all your opponents to win the match. In 1vs1 mode you have to kill the single enemy, while the 2vs2 mode will make a team vs teams mode. In battle royale mode, the last alive player wins. Keep in mind that the variety of weapons featured in this game is not huge but it is very important to choose the right one. The long range battles are better for Sniper Rifles, while the close range is better for shotgun. The gameplay is pretty nice and all the moves are smooth. The good news is that you are playing against real people all around the world, so you will have a lot of fun.

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