LolBeans was released in 2020 year but in fact it is a remake of the original Tv Show where people were challenging each other to overcome different obstacles and reach the finish line. There are several similar games available but in my opinion LoLBeans is the best. Let me tell you more about the rules of the game and gameplay: In this game you control a small bean which enters the arena full of other players. Keep in mind that this is a multiplayer game and this means that there is no AI players here, only real players all around the world. Your mission is to reach the finish line as fast as possible and overcome different types of obstacles. Only the most skillful and fast players will be moved to the next round of the game, the rest will remain as spectators or leave to find a new game.

So, the game stars as soon as all players joined the server. Sometimes it may take some time because the number of players in each round is pretty high. Until all players are ready you can practice overcoming the obstacles and controlling your character. The game is created in such way, that most of the players will hit each other and fall down from the platform so you can generate your own strategy - either run faster than the others or wait until the majority of players fall down and then try your luck. When the player falls down from the platform, he will respawn at the closest checkpoint area and continue the quest. When the majority of players will complete the run, the rest players will lose the game. All in all, the game continues until there is only one player left and it is pretty difficult to win but at the same time it makes the game more addictive. Enjoy the full version of LoLBeans as well as other popular multiplayer games at our website.

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