Papas Freezeria

Using the new emulator of flash games, Papa's Freezeria is available for our users for free. You don't need to install additional software, just enjoy your favorite game and create awesome deserts for your customers.

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Papa's Freezeria : About The Game

Papas Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is one of the most popular versions in the whole game series. In this game you have to manage and run the deserts restaurant and serve your customers with different tasty ice-creams. The game was about to die because it used Flash Player but today with the modern emulator you can enjoy it at our website without installing additional software. In this game you will understand how difficult is to run a restaurant and make all the customers happy. At the beginning of the game you should choose your character and watch the simple tutorial mode which will teach you how to make deserts and serve it to your customers.

How To Play Papa's Freezeria?

The whole process in this game is divided into 4 major categories : Order Station,Build Station,Mix Station and Top Station. At first stage you have to take the order from the customer to understand what he or she needs. Then you move to the Build Station where you have to start to prepare the desert. You must carefully look at the order book to use the items which customer needs. If you make a mistake, the customer will become angry and you won't receive any tips. The game is very addictive and becomes more and more difficult as you progress. More and more customers are coming to get their desert so you must be careful not to make mistakes. Play the full version of Papas Freezeria for free at our website.

Interesting Facts About Papa's Games

Today when we speak about cooking games, we understand that there are hundreds of different games on this category and most of them have the similar gameplay - you make some dish using the items given to you and serve it to the customer. But most of the people don't know that the whole category of games became popular because of the legendary Papa's game series which was released many years ago. The first versions of the game were using Flash Player and had a pretty nice graphics and gameplay. Despite the fact that the flash player today is already dead, the games which we have featured at our website are almost similar to the original ones. The developers of this games were a young guys who just wanted to create something interesting so they decided to create a series of games where player will manage the whole restaurant and at the same time make some dishes. The key factor of success in my opinion is that the player must hurry up to make the customer happy but at the same time be accurate to prepare the exact dish ordered at the restaurant. The game is becomming more and more addictive as you progress, because more customers are going to visit your store and making several dishes at the same time is pretty difficult.

One more factor of the popularity of Papa's Games is the graphics. The developers decided to have some fun and made their faces fit the characters of the game. That's why the graphics is so good and the animations are very nice. Today, even after more than 10 years people still love to play these games, and out mission is to provide the access to the awesome retro cooking games.

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